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Dec 26, 2016

** Jace & Nicole are enjoying some family time, so here's one of our more popular episodes from Season 1 of Nashville Later. Season 2 will start back up on January 9th, 2017**


Now that Racism is over (Thanks Obama!) why is a white boy from Nashville still talking about it? Good question. Tim Wise is an anti-racism activist, author, film maker, and speaker. Tim takes a seat on the pink couch and states his case. Also, Jace has a few, still gestating thoughts on the President Elect; Donald J. Trump. There's a lot of content here. But put down your pitchforks, and sharpen your pencils.


Dec 22, 2016

On the final episode of 2016, Jace and Nicole are joined by two 9 year-old girls to discuss the work ethic of Santa's elves, New Years reVolutions (sic), and how to use a microphone. Then they kick those little monsters out and play some snippets from the Nashville Later Live event. Do us a favor and check out these wonderful artists on the links below. They deserve a listen.

Huge thanks to all of our guests and all of our listeners for making our first 46 episodes happen!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.








Dec 19, 2016

Friendship Commanders. Even the name has a complex simplicity. An olive branch wrapped around a steel blade. The music is hard and edgy. The lyrics are earnest and searching. Buick Audra and Jerry Roe live in Nashville, but their music comes from some other place. Jace talks to the married duo about the state of the Union, the state of the industry, and the state of the heart that's always bleeding. This is a good one. Dig in. And check out their new full length LP entitled: DAVE

Friendship Commanders
Be sure and go to the Nashville Later web site to check out an extra clip of our conversation with the band, and a listen to Jace's fave track off of their new record.
Dec 15, 2016

Jace teaches a music/writing class, Nicole warns us about Star Wars:Rogue One, medical marijuana gets a fist bump from the TN GOP, Sheryl Crow closes the bar down, and M.L. Rose (a local bar/eatery) gets drunk on nacho cheese. Tackling the important issues of the day... some other day.

If you'd like to make a donation to help out the innocent folks suffering in Syria, we'd like to recommend checking these folks out:

HELPING HAND for Relief and Development


Dec 12, 2016

Art. What is it good for anyway? Always a good question. Particularly in cynical times like today. Todays guest, Chris Coleman, might have some answers. His journey has been long. From Atlanta to Nashville, Chris has toured the world playing with Luna Halo, Kings of Leon, and his wife, Holly Williams. A lot of what he's seen and sought can be found in his latest adventure; compelling fine art with a unique approach. Jace and Chris get into it. Dig in...

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Dec 8, 2016

It all starts out nicely enough. Then Jace gets a little sideways with some Trumped up rage. But, eventually, Nicole gets him back on course. She always does. Also, a Christmas song from Seth Timbs.

If you're in town Thursday December 8th, don't forget to join us for Nashville Later LIVE at The Family Wash.

Dec 8, 2016

It all starts out nicely enough. Then Jace gets a little sideways with some Trumped up rage. But, eventually, Nicole gets him back on course. She always does. Also, a Christmas song from Seth Timbs.

If you're in town Thursday December 8th, don't forget to join us for Nashville Later LIVE at The Family Wash.

Dec 5, 2016

Foster care isn't something most of us think about very often. But with almost half a million children in the United States living in the foster care system, perhaps we should. In todays episode Jace sits down with Jiffy Dahlgren (and her colleague Sterling Thompson) to discuss what's happening in Nashville. In their work at Camelot they encounter the best and worst in the human condition, but see a light at the end of the tunnel for some of us most in need. Also, Jiffy is hilarious. So don't be scared.

Please be sure and come to our Nashville Later Live Event on December 8th at the Family Wash. Proceeds will benefit the DollyWood Foundation and their efforts to help out our friends and family who are suffering in East Tennessee after the horrific fires. If you can't make the event, please click the link and make a contribution.

Dec 1, 2016

Christmas Elves, that new car smell, fire on the mountain, and new mix of a new song... Jace & Nicole cover all the bases.

If you want some tips on how to help out our fellow Tennesseans in the East dealing with these horrific fires, heres a link to some suggested opportunities: Knoxville Sentinel

Also, be sure and come out to the Family Wash for our December 8th

Nashville Later Live Event!

Nov 28, 2016

If you're one of the most consistent and dependable artists in modern Country music, what do you need behind you every night? A dependable and consistent time keeper. As the veteran drummer for Brad Paisley, Ben Sesar has played on Gold and Platinum records, countless hits, and in a boatload of arenas, stadiums, and TV appearances. Sesar is in the enviable position of having a mainstream gig, where the artist is an actual musician, and pushes his band to push him back. Ben also has some thoughts on Jazz fusion, "throwed" rolls, moving on your birthday (the first one), and a restaurant idea so original that he can't even describe it with words.

Be sure and come see our LIVE EVENT: Nashville Later Live at the Family Wash on December 8, 2016. Lots of musical guests from the show, and the open ended conversations with Nashville you've come to expect from the show. Open to the public, and recorded for a future episode. Come on down!



Nov 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Jace & Nicole are joined by Dan Cohen. Dan plays guitar for lots of folks. But he's likely best known to Nashville Later listeners as Jace's right hand man. Jace & Dan have been writing, recording, and touring together since 2008. One thing they haven't been doing together? Drinking. Dan is in recovery. He stops by the attic this week to discuss sobriety, gratitude, and the joys of room temp Coca-Cola.

Check out Dan's music. You'll hear some in the show: 

Don't forget to catch up on past episodes at:


Nov 21, 2016

Everybody wants to have a good time! But what happens when that "good time" slowly morphs into a living nightmare? Funny you should ask. Asher Levine is an Interventionist. No, he doesn't invade foreign lands with shoddy policy and half-baked plans. But he will come to your house and save a life. If you'll let him.

Check out for past episodes.

December 8th, 2016 Nashville Later LIVE at The Family Wash. Come to the company Christmas party!

Nov 17, 2016

The hushed whispers of exhausted parents with a kid asleep downstairs. Jace discusses his Facebook experiment. Nicole laments hard times for the kids. Trump trepidation, Clinton curiosity, Pastor Alan Smith love, and the general glass half full with a shot of bourbon love-fest that is...the Thursday Edition of Nashville Later.

Check out for previous episodes.

And we will announce details for our December 8th live event at The Family Wash in East Nashville within the next few days.

Nov 10, 2016

Jace & Nicole are in a post election haze. Also, traffic fatalities are up in Tennessee. (Thanks Obama!) Jace proposes Papua New Guinea as the new model, and Veterans Day is coming. So, please join us and make your own donation.

Details are coming on the December 8th, Nashville Later Live Event. Stay tuned! Check out the new web site:


Nov 7, 2016

In todays episode, Jace sits down with a man who has brought the slow heat and steady smoke of Memphis, straight into the heart of Nashville. Carey Bringle, owner and operator of "Peg Leg Porker" isn't just some cat with a smoker. He grew up with "smoke in his veins". Carey has some thoughts on the Nashville food scene, how failure is the best teacher, and how to kick cancers ass... with one foot, if necessary. Eat it up folks, we'll make more.


Be sure and check out the new web site for Nashville Later, where we'll be making some big announcements about our LIVE show on December 8, 2016

Nov 3, 2016

Bike lanes, sidewalks, and buses, oh my! Why do you have to have a car in Nashville? And why are cycling shorts so ridiculous. Also, Nicole gives us some homework, Jace works on some new music, and next weeks guest is revealed. Happy Thursday folks, the election is almost over.

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Oct 31, 2016

Emily Walters is the kinda girl you either wanna be like, wanna be liked by, or just wanna be around. She's not from Nashville, but in the decade or so that she's been here, she's made it her own. An experienced day trader, culinary ninja, and proselytizer of all that is good in music, food, fashion, and culture. Jace sits down with the 'better-half" of the dynamic duo that is "Kevin & Emily". And she straightens him out.

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Oct 27, 2016

Jace & Nicole have been watching '60 Minutes'. Which leads to one of those long, meandering conversations you've come to love. Or skip entirely. No election talk. So, that's a plus. Lessons are learned. Money is saved. Plans are made. Have a good Thursday!

Oct 24, 2016

Big, bold, and brash. Words that easily describe todays guest, Kevin Murphy. In fact, Jace light heartedly gave him the designation of "foul-mouthed freight train" in a previous episode. But that's only true if the train is carrying a payload of love. Kevin talks hard, hits harder, and loves hardest of all. Murphy isn't just a "friend of the show", he's a friend of the Family. And this is a snapshot of one of Nashville's finest musicians, being truly himself. Buckle up for some salty talk about the sweetness of life.

10/24/16 Jace Everett and Rick Brantley will be playing at Basement East. Early show at 7 pm. Get your tickets here

Oct 20, 2016

After watching "Pointless Debate #3" betwixt Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Jace & Nicole headed to the attic. Filled with hot sports opinions they jumped behind the microphones and spewed as much vitriol as can be fathomed. Then they realized they sounded like jerks. So this is really Ep#28.5! Look folks, it's a rough one. We're trying to find the love at Nashville Later. Won't you join us? Jace & Nicole both discuss their Republican voting history, their dislike of Trump, and offer an olive branch to all of their Republican friends.

Basement Tickets!

Jace is playing with Rick Brantley on 10/24/16 at The Basement East.

7 pm show. Come see us!

Oct 17, 2016

Buckley and Vidal, Tesla and Edison, Freud and Jung, Mutt and Jeff, Larry, Moe, and Curly. Folks that put their heads together, sometimes butt heads. But today on the podcast you have one really smart guy (Tripper Ryder), and one smart ass (Jace Everett). What are they talking about? We don't remember. But they sure had a good time doing it. Politics, philosophy, and books that your host can't even spell, let alone read. Dig in folks, the buttery, brainy goodness of Tripper Ryder is now in your feed.

Don't forget that Jace and Rick Brantley are performing together on 10/24/16 at THE BASEMENT EAST

Oct 13, 2016

Listeners have questions. Jace & Nicole have answers. Well, they have attempts at answers, anyway. Sepsis, single parenting, Russian hackers, and that sexy form fitting shirt that Nicole broke out. It's all happening.

Jace and recent guest Rick Brantley are doing a show at Basement East in Nashville on October 24th. You should come.

Oct 10, 2016

Rock and Roll ain't easy. Or is it? Leticia "Tish" Wolf is a damn fine songsmith. And although she'd been having success on her own, she's found a whole new world since partnering up with her sisters in rock. The Dead Deads are kicking major ass, and taking all your names on their climb up Rock Mountain. Jace has a conversation with The Dead Deads frontwoman on the power of 5 over 1, how to build a song, and the teen angst of being on the guest list. Hard hitting rock, from the coolest ladies in Nashville.

The Dead Dead

Oct 6, 2016

It's Thursday. So, here we go. Nicole kicks things off with an unforeseen exploration of gentrification. The word, the trouble, and the Nashville experience. Jace pimps himself out. How to win at marriage is revisited. (The trick is shutting your mouth.) And the sheer boredom of this unending election cycle begins to take hold of the Dynamic Duo.

Be sure and come see Jace with Rick Brantley:

Oct. 24, 2016 at Basement East

Oct 3, 2016

Rashed Fakhruddin, the current President of The Islamic Center of Nashville, proves to be one of the most kind, genuine, and hopeful people that Jace has had on the Pink Couch. In a frank conversation about being Muslim in Nashville (and in the age of Trumpisms), Rashed maintains his belief in the American Dream, the possibility of the future, and the abiding love he has for his home; Nashville, TN.

Take a listen to a good man, discussing good things.


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